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General Information

Location & Parking:

The Vogue Theatre is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver at 918 Granville Street, between Smithe St. and Nelson St.

There are several parking lots within walking distance from the theatre in addition to meter parking on Smithe St & Nelson St.

Parking lot information:

Easy Park:


Public Transit:

The Vogue is accessible by public transit – Bus & Skytrain. For more information on routes visit Translink:


Seated Capacity:                                1,161
General Admission Capacity:                1,250

The Vogue Theatre can be set up in various configurations for a multitude of different events.

Included in Rental

Sound – Lighting + Amenities:

  • Full use of house sound system (see technical specs)
  • Full use of house lighting package (see technical specs)
  • One (1) Sound Technician (10/hour call)
  • One (1) Technician for lights (10/hour call)
  • Back stage amenities (see below)


  • Ticket takers
  • Ushers
  • Bar Staff
  • Box office staff and services through Northern Tickets.

Marketing & Promotional Support:

As part of our commitment to our patrons we are happy to include the following at no extra charge:

Web Promotion:

* Average of 20,000+ hits per month

* Event listing on homepage with hot-link upon confirmation.

* E-News (13,000 members) at least once leading up to event.

* Facebook and Twitter Listings

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the promoter to provide the Vogue Theatre marketing department all relevant information (photoS, bios, etc.) in order for us to facilitate this service.

Poster Printing Service:

The Vogue has the ability to print full color posters (11×17) full color at .30/per.  Contact us for further details.

Additional Fees

Term of Rental:

The event shall not exceed five (5) hours (which includes one hour before curtain time). When the performance exceeds the agreed five hours additional charges at a rate equal to 20% of the base rental for each hours or part thereof.


Minimum four (4) hour call each at a rate of $25.00/hour. Number of guards will be at the discretion of the Vogue Theatre and will vary on the nature of the event.

Additional Technical Crew upon request

Monitor Technician

Additional Sound or Stage Technician

Additional Lighting Technician

Follow Spot including operator


$25.00/Hour for first 8 hours

Overtime – first 4 hours $37.50/hour

Overtime after first 4 hours $50.00

Projection & Screen:

Barco CLMHD8 (8,000 Lumens)    $1,000/Day

25’x36’ screen on Lineset 3,  3’5” from proscenium (cannot be moved)

CYC on Lineset 28, 17’ from proscenium (cannot be moved)


It is the sole responsibility of the presenter to pay all applicable SOCAN fees.



Two fully staffed and stocked bars serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Bar service is available in both first and second floor lobbies.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Two (2) ATM machines are available to customers and are located in the main and upper lobby levels.


-      One men’s washroom in second floor lobby

-      Two ladies washrooms, in main floor lobby and second floor lobby


The theatre and washrooms are wheelchair accessible.  Wheelchair seating is available in the lower level.  Seating charts are available at

       Please note: Dressing Rooms and Green Room are not wheelchair accessible

Coat Check:

Located in the mezzanine lobby, this service is offered at the discretion of The Vogue Theatre.


All tickets are sold exclusively through TicketFly. Visit for additional details on the services provided and rates.


The Vogue will provide a dedicated merchandise location within the theatre for the sale of merchandise relating to the event, as well as suitable storage space for such merchandise, at no additional cost.  If you require sellers please arrange in advance, additional charges apply.  Presenter is responsible to pay at the end of each performance 20% of the gross revenues from the sale of soft goods.

Greenroom / Lounge Amenities:

The Greenroom and Lounge area includes TV’s, a kitchenette, couches, coffee machines, and a full size fridge with freezer and ice machine.

Dressing Rooms: Seven (7) Rooms

  • 1 Star Dressing Room that includes a private washroom with shower
  • 5 additional rooms that can accommodate up to 3 people comfortably.
  • 2 band rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably.

Production Office:

  • 1 full operational production office that includes phone, internet (Wi-Fi and landline), printer, and copier.


  • 3 Private Washrooms
  • 2 Showers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Wi-Fi

View Dressing Room Plans

General Policies


In accordance with the City of Vancouver by-laws, smoking is not permitted inside the theatre or within 6M of the building.

Alcohol (Live event presentations):

Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Ciders) are made available only to customers who are 19 years of age or older.  The theatre has the right to discontinue service to any patron as they see fit.  Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages may be taken into the main theatre.  Two (2) pieces of government issued photo ID are required to purchase alcohol.

The Vogue Theatre is a licensed / All ages venue.  Patrons are allowed to access all areas of the theatre.  

Alcohol (pre-recorded presentations):

For events such as films screenings, recorded or broadcasted sporting events in which the event is open to those under 19, Alcoholic beverages must be consumed in the theatre lobbies only.  If the event is open to those who are 19 and older only, alcoholic beverages may be taken into the main theatre. Two (2) pieces of government issued photo ID are required to purchase alcohol.

First Hold Policy

- A first hold may be placed without a deposit; this is not considered a confirmed booking.
- Upon confirmation of the use of the theatre and date(s), the presenter will be required to sign a contract and submit a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the base rental fee.

Second & Additional Holds

- A second, third, fourth etc.. hold may be placed on a date with an existing hold.
- If the first hold cancels, the second hold will be contacted and offered the space and so forth.
- Should subsequent holds wish to secure the date, the presenter may challenge the first hold by paying a 50 percent non-refundable deposit. Once this deposit is received, we will contact the first hold and they will have 24 hours to confirm the date by remitting a 50 percent deposit, or release the date to the second hold
- If the first hold pays the deposit and confirms the date, then the challenge deposit will be returned. Alternatively, if the first hold declines, then the challenging hold will retain the date and the non-refundable deposit will be kept.

Technical Specifications

House Audio Package:


  • 1 Stereo 4-way Meyer Sound System Consisting of:
  • 16 Meyer Melodie Curvilinear Array Loudspeakers (Flown)
  • 2 Meyer MSL-4 (Front Fill)
  • 4 Meyer 700HP Subwoofers
  • 1 DigiDesign Venue Digital Mixing console
  • 1 digiDesign Venue Sidecar
  • 1 Meyer Galileo 616 Speaker Management System ∙
  • 1 Denon DN635 CD Player


  • 12 Mix Monitor System Consisting of:
  • 11 Monitor mixes
  • 1 Listen Mix
  • 1 Drum sub
  • 12 Meyer mjf-212a powered Monitors
  • 1 Mackie SWA 1801 Self Powered Subwoofer
  • 1 AVID SC48 Digital Monitor Console


  • 4 Shure SM81 Condenser Mic
  • 5 Sennheiser MD604 Dynamic Mic
  • 2 Shure Beta52A Dynamic Mic
  • 6 Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic
  • 9 Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic
  • 1 Shure SM58s Dynamic Mic
  • 8 Radial JDI Passive Direct Box


House Lighting & Projection Package


  • 6 x Par64 Bar of 6, MFL, 1000w
  • 14 x Single Par64, MFL, 1000w
  • 7 x Altman Fresnel, 750W
  • 2 x 6×9 360Q Spots, 37°, 750w
  • 3 x Source 4 Spots, 36°, 575w
  • 12 x Source 4 Spots, 26°, 575w
  • 6 x Acclaim Axial Zoomspot, 22°-44°, 575w
  • 4 x Source 4 ETC Leko 26°
  • 3 x Chroma Q Color Force 12” RGBA
  • 6 x Martin Atomic 3000 (120v)
  • 4 x Molefay 4lite


  • 4 x VL1000tsd-ers, Framing Shutters, 1200w
  • 4 x Gobo #7030 — Ice Break Up
  • 4 x Gobo #7015 — Block Break Up
  • 2 x Gobo #5011 — Night Sky
  • 4 x Gobo #7029 — Alpha Rays
  • 4 x Gobo #5507 — Small Leaf Break Up
  • 2 x Gobo #5001 — Real Cloud #1
  • 4 x VL3000Q Spot
  • 8 x Elation Design Spot 250
  • 8 x Martin Mac101
  • 8 x Martin Mac250 Krypton


  • ETC Sensor 96×2.4k
  • 600a Rolling Rack
  • Dual Cam in/thru
  • Patch, Soca & TLG Outputs
  • Convenience outputs


  • GrandMA2 ONPC Command Wing
  • GrandMA2 ONPC Fader Wing
  • Cybernet All In One Touch Screen PC


  • 1 x 40’ F.O.H. Box Truss (flown, on motors)

Vogue LX Plot 1

Vogue LX Plot 2

Stage Information


Maple, black painted, 2 stage doors downstage right, no stage Elevators


  • Proscenium Opening—35’6” Wide X 22’8” High
  • Upstage Wall: 47’9” In Length • Stage Depth—29’6”Deep
  • Stage Right Wing Space—6’6” Wide X 17’0” Deep
  • Stage Left Wing Space—8’6” Wide X 17’0” Deep


Sound Rigging Points: 2, Max Load 1200 Pounds Each

Electrical Rigging Points (Max Load 500 Pounds Each):

  • 2 for 40’ Truss, 9’3” DS of proscenium
  • 2 for 40’ Truss, 20’5” DS of proscenium
  • 2 for 40’ Truss, 32’6” DS of proscenium

Balcony Rail:

  • 1, 40’ In Length, 52’8” From proscenium at 15’ Height

Side Port Electrical Points:

  • Electric ladders ON SIDE orchestra Walls, 10’ Out From Stage


  • 29 Fly Lines: 4-Inch Centers
  • Maximum Load: 500 Pounds
  • Maximum Flying Height: 54’0”
  • Pipe Length: 42’0”
  • Free Pipes: 16


  • Audio: 100&200 AMPS, 3 Phase
  • Lighting: 1200 AMPS, 3 Phase

Contact Information