Anthony Wong 黃耀明

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Presented by MRG Concerts

September 27, 2019
Door Time: 7:00PM

Anthony Wong 黃耀明
Doors 7:00

VIP – early entry / front row seats / limited edition North America tour t-shirt / Photo with Anthony Wong**

**Photos with Anthony will take place 20 minutes after the performance, for VIPs only. Photos will be in small groups from the stage. Photos will be emailed within a week after the event.

優先入場/前排座椅/限量版北美巡迴賽T卹/與Anthony Wong合影**

**與Anthony Wong 的合影將在演出後20分鐘在舞台上分成小組進行,僅限VIP。活動結束後一周內將通過電子郵件發送照片。

To book accessible seating please email us at or call us at 604-688-1975

Anthony Wong Yiu-ming

A well-known singer and record producer, Anthony Wong is the director for music production company People Mountain People Sea, founding member of the Big Love Alliance, and also Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation. He formed the Cantonpop duo Tat Ming Pair with Tats Lau in the 1980s. The duo’s music displayed influences of British Rock and electronic music. Their songs carry deep meanings, covering topics ranging from social and political issues to affection and emotion.

Anthony enjoys high esteem on the Chinese music scene. He has insisted on his personal music style over the years, and he places very high demand on the quality of music and song in his production and performance. Anthony is widely seen as a very successful example for non- mainstream singers. While his efforts and songs have had a major impact on local non- mainstream music scene, he has also cultivated and trained many music talents. In 2018, he and Tats Lau together received the Golden Needle Award of the Top 10 Gold Songs Awards.


香港歌手及唱片監製,人山人海創辦人、大愛同盟創始成員、文藝復興基金會創會主席。與劉以 達(Tats)於1980年代組成「達明一派」,音樂深受英式搖滾、電子音樂等風格影響,歌曲內容 深刻,涉及政治、社會、情感等諸多方面。

多年來,黃耀明一直堅持其音樂及個人風格,在華語樂壇地位崇高,更經常被視為非主流歌手中 的成功範例。他對音樂質量要求極高,把關甚嚴,各製作單位都深有體會,出道至今,對香港非 主流音樂界影響深遠,亦培育了很多音樂人才,2018年與劉以達榮獲十大中文金曲金針獎。