Sandra Bernhard – Quick Sand

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Presented by 2019 Chutzpah! Festival

October 31, 2019
Door Time: 7:15PM

Sandra Bernhard – Quick Sand
Doors 7:15 PM

2019 Chutzpah! Festival – October 24 to November 24


She’s always three steps ahead of the crowd. She has to be. She’s Quick Sand. In these fast paced times a lady can’t stop moving, you never know what you might encounter next in this fun house world we’re living in. So Sandra takes control, bringing a mélange of musings, music and whimsy, “never boring j’adoring” is her motto, covering the waterfront of the outrageous, quotidian, and glamorous! Performing with a three piece band – this iconic performer will make for a fun and memorable Halloween night!